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Language Learning + Fun = Success

Wedding party in Independence Square, AlmatyImage via WikipediaLanguage learning has to be fun or you will not learn well. This was the one bit of sound advice I managed to retain from my language advisor early on in my attempts to learn the Kazakh language while living in Kazakhstan. All attempts to simply master a book of phrases or a list of vocab or bits of pronunciation will end in futility in learning a language well. Believe me. Language learning has to me made fun (mind you there are a very SMALL number of people who don't need to make it fun as for some mysterious reason it is already somewhat jolly good fun breaking one's brain to converse in a strange tongue) or you will be driven mad.
So find games to play in the target language; people who speak the language that are interesting and fun to be with; varied activities that all help to make the tedious work seem less so.
Be adventurous and bold but enjoy!
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