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Watch a movie, learn a language!

are any amazing way to learn a new language, especially the English language. With so many English movies available online and ready to download, there is no excuse to finding a good one to learn English from.

You can't go wrong by sitting down to a good movie in your target language and just watching the whole thing through. You probably won't get much out of it if you are just beginning to learn a language but that does not matter one bit!
You can learn so much (language) from how people interact and  respond to each other, their mannerisms and facial expressions! Watch and learn is the key to mastering any language.

Keep Your Eyes Open and Mouth Shut

Just watch the people in the movie, how they interact, how they react to the surroundings and environment, all the things that we naturally do when we are in our own comfortable setting. When you are in a culture that you are foreign to, as one that does not belong, you are quickly singled out and as a result, people will react to you different from how they interact everyday with those of the same culture. So you often do not get the social norms when you become a resident of some foreign community and and in turn are given wrong cues about what is acceptable and good, all necessary to learn the language.
   When you watch movies, the narrative and life of the people's language you are learning continues oblivious to the reality that you are the perfect intruder into their lives. You see, hear and understand how they communicate all without them knowing you are there! And you have the perfect excuse to give your brain a break. Remember, language learning must be fun!!
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