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Can Movie Mouth Help You Learn a New Language?

Movies can help you learn a languageImage via Wikipedia

It seems that last summer there was a bit of buzz about Movie Mouth, a start up that aimed to teach one how to learn a new language by using movies as the medium of instruction. Corey Wride is the man behind the idea. His plan, that has been gathered from bits of info here and there on the web, is to slow down movies that would make it easy for those viewing it to pick up the language spoken by the actors.

I think this is a brilliant idea; learning a language via a movie! Seems like Mr. Wride thought so to but it seems that his the meat of his plans are nowhere to be found. If you visit his website, all you are greeted with is the Movie Mouth logo and an email address. Nothing else; no explanation as to when it all is going to happen or how he plans to continue. I guess at least he has left us with an email address so one could write to him. I think I will do that and see if he responds. So check back to see if he is willing to cough up a little more info and shine some light on the matter.
Again, I think learning a language by watching movies is the best one can do if you simply cannot find time or money to spend a year or two in a country where the language you want to learn is spoken.
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